Style is a way of life, A manner of presenting oneself with a sense of ease and individuality. Creativity, is the essential element that makes a style independent and allows beauty to transcend the boundaries that separate humanity. We are a creative consulting brand designing for the luxury industry. Our mission lives through the visuals we produce, inspiring others to Create Fabulously, Style Independently & Live Beautifully.


Aleksandr berki / CREATIVE DIRECTOR 

Being the offspring of a European and an American with deep southerner roots, meant I was born into a world of cultural differences. When they appeared, I saw that common threads weave beauty. An innate curiosity for style, I saw that every artist, no matter what their background, used three common elements to create: color, shape and story. I took note and have since used the choices I make in fashion, art and design, as a way pique people's interest, express myself, relate to others and set trends. Conscious of the influential and emotional power of imagery, I see each day as an opportunity to create my independent style. As Harry Winston said, " People will stare, make it worth their while." 


THE AMERICAN SLOANE:  exemplifies patriotism and traditionalism while embracing a modern lifestyle. One who is socially identified with topics of arts, culture and collections, possess confidence in oneself and their given place in the world, while striving to socially reform the beliefs and values of society. One who understands the impact of philanthropy and appreciates that diversity creates the cultural arts that make up this world. A certain fondness of a life in the countryside and country sports in particular, though it is understood that a balance between city life and country life must be met by taking ideas and lifestyle trends from our past generations and adapting it to meet the demands of today.  The American Sloane believes that lineage, legacy and lifestyle bring the past back en vogue preserving the history of their homes and the events that take place in and around them. We are the curators of society's highest and most worthy moral and aesthetic graces, whose lives exemplify authentically beautiful living.